Look Good. Do Good. Feel Good. 

Founded by four friends, The Artisan Project is a socially-motivated brand that seeks to inspire others to live a conscious and purposeful life by purchasing ethically handcrafted goods. Our brand is 100% Ecuadorian, from the artisans who craft our products to the four beautiful ladies who sell them to you.


It all started over coffee and passionate discussions that led to a simple idea: entrepreneurship initiatives can create social change in emerging economies. Ecuadorian handicrafts are loved and are appreciated worldwide. However in our country there is an obvious disconnect where ethically responsible artisans are unable to access equal economic opportunities. They often don't benefit from their work due to the lack of fair trade practices. It is our mission to bridge this gap by showcasing beautiful, authentic Ecuadorian handicrafts and supporting the talented local artisans who make them by providing access to the global marketplace. All while simultaneously sharing the vibrancy and rich culture of our country with the world.


We have carefully curated a locally sourced collection of high-quality, handcrafted Ecuadorian artisanal goods that combine traditional, indigenous craftsmanship with modern aesthetics and contemporary design. We work directly with the artisans without any intermediaries. Our products transform traditional Ecuadorian goods into statement pieces that transcend our culture and appeal to the global fashion consumer.


We dream big. We aim to be more than just a fair trade showcase of beautiful Ecuadorian handcrafted goods. In the future, we strive to empower emerging artisans by enhancing their creative and production skills through capacity-building activities and collaborative networks. Through this endeavor we also want to tell their success story to the world.

Join our journey to support fair trade and impulse innovation in Ecuador!

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